Editing and design for nonfiction and technical writing
Next Leaf Publications


Our design services focus on text-based projects for nonfiction books and business documents.

Book Design

When a nonfiction book is ready to go from manuscript to printed book, we work with authors or publishing companies to make that happen. This process includes laying out pages, building a live table of contents, adding illustrations, and a number of other details. For instructive nonfiction, we specialize in more complex formatting needs, such as tables, structured lists, and cross references. The end result is a designed file, ready to go to the printer.

Business Design

For businesses, we specialize in applying a company’s brand and laying out clean, sleek documents. These projects often include annual reports, business plans, and functional documents such as handbooks and manuals. We first set up the page layout, color palette, text styles, and structure of the document. Then we often add cross linked elements, such as a table of contents, cross references to specific pages, and an index. We work primarily in InDesign and also, when needed for the client’s benefit, Microsoft Word. In every project, we strive to capture the client’s branding and identity as much as possible.